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On Train Dining Services

Railway travel offers countless pleasures, but best off all must be dining aboard a steam train.  Back in the 1950s, travellers could take their seats in the restaurant cars of crack expresses like the 'South Yorkshireman' and the 'Master Cutler'.

Today, on Britain's longest main line steam railway, passengers can reserve a table and be wined and dined in similar style, savouring sumptuous first class fare with every detail catered for.  So, whether you're old or young, climb aboard, relax, and prepare yourself for an experiance without equal.  

Here you will find details about all our first class services, our griddle cars, our thrilling murder mystery trains, or even how to charter your own private carriage or train.  Click on the links below.

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  • Our first class trains run all through the year.
  • Enjoy a four course meal on Saturday luncheon train.
  • A traditional four course Sunday luncheon service.
  • And a luxurious six course Saturday evening feast on board 'Cambrain Coast Express'.

For a very different night out, try one of our popular muder mystery dining trains and in November and December look out for our Christmas trains.


For good food on the go - without the need for a reservation - try our griddle car.  Our famous all day breakfast is a real treat and we serve other good hearty meals all day long.

You'll find the favourites aboard our griddle car, along with a bar serving beers, wines, spirits and hot drinks on most trains.  Children's meals are also available.

The griddle car is available on selected trains, as per the timetable.  Look for the trains with the 'G' symbol.

We also serve clotted cream teas, including a gaint fruit scone, cream and a cup to tea.  Usually available on griddle car services, please order before your train departs from Lleyn.